Accelerating Enterprise Capabilities


Accelerating Enterprise Capabilities is the foundation for the Efficienarta approach to helping organisations create more value. How stable are your market conditions? Are you facing a “big bang” disruption of the kind experienced by car navigation firms when GPS and navigation apps were added to Smartphones? Or is there a new entrant to your market who is offering a fundamentally cheaper solution to the customer needs your products and services provide? Are your revenues continuing to rise but your profitability is static? If you are experiencing this scenario and there is evidence that this is also being experienced by others in your industry, perhaps “compressive disruption” is setting in?


We believe that both “big bang” and “compressive disruption” necessitate an acceleration in the growth rate of an organisation’s capabilities.    We believe that this will be promoted by a suite of actions:


  1. A reinvigorated drive to continuously improve existing offerings and to do this faster. This can be the platform for generating the profits to fund the other actions proposed.
  2. Consider how you can exploit your capabilities to satisfy the needs of new customers in new markets.
  3. Focus more attention on the people in your enterprise with the twin objectives of raising the level of employee engagement and developing future leaders faster.