Are Employers at a Critical Tipping Point?



As Employees have been doing more with less – and in many cases for less – for the last 5 years (and that doesn’t seem likely to change in the near future), it is not surprising that the recent Towers Watson Global Workforce Survey painted a depressing picture. Amongst other things the survey highlighted that the quality of the work experience overall, the quality of employees’ relationship with their manager and their trust in senior Leadership are key factors in rretaining employees.


In this environment with questions such as “Are Employees at a tipping point?” being asked increasingly frequently, should enterprises:


1.Get ready for higher levels of unmanaged staff attrition or

2.Become more ambitious and create environments where their staff become more engaged in adding more value for their customers (than the employees of your competitors can) and less likely “to jump ship”


In our ever increasingly competitive world with increasing demands for agility unmanaged staff attrition is a waste that enterprises cannot afford and Leaders and Managers need to consider what they must do to implement option 2.  Towers Watson have argued that engagement, as traditionally defined, is not sufficient to either keep employees doing their work effectively in today’s pressured employers nor deliver the sustained performance improvements enterprises require. They highlighted the necessity of:


1.Better enabling employees with improved internal support, resources and tools.  For example an empathetic and effective supervisor “who prioritizes and organizes work, regardless of whether the employee is in front of him or her, or 1,000 miles away working at home or in a remote office” or of “online tools and processes that give remote or contract workers access to information and guidance to make good job-related decisions in real time.”

2.Creating an environment “that’s energizing to work in because it promotes physical, emotional and social well-being.”


As Towers Watson acknowledge this needs to be nurtured by enterprises through a focus on training, performance management, Communication and visible leadership.  This all reminds me of themes that Tom Peters has espoused over the years about excellent companies since the research for In Search of Excellence. Time to build a new agenda for change? Please contact Efficienarta.


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