Do you place enough value on continuous improvement?

Marginal gains graph



“Marginal gains means looking at all the things we do, and never assuming we couldn’t do them better.”


Sir David Brailsford

British Cycling Coach & Manager of Team Sky

Many of the executives I work with focus the bulk of their time on selling existing products or services and to a lesser thinking about the next generation of their offerings. Sadly, too few devote material effort to sponsoring improvement initiatives. Please reflect upon the Sir David Brailsford’s quote for a moment and think about the potential in your enterprise to capture marginal gains. What would be the impact of achieving a 1% improvement in productivity or a 1% improvement in costs. Focusing on achieving continuous improvement through marginal gains surely merits top management attention?

I believe that enterprises that have continuous improvement in their DNA, as opposed to a we have always done it this way mentality, have a foundation for improving their competitiveness. They continuously raise the bar in meeting client expectations and reduce their cost of quality. When done effectively this has a significant impact on profitability, which in turn both increases the capacity to invest in the next generations of offerings and improves returns for stakeholders.

In my new Strattomics: Continuous Improvement iBook, I explain a spectrum of established business improvement techniques – with examples from experience in both public and private sectors. The aim is to reinvigorate a commitment to building quality into products and services and establishing a commitment to driving continuous improvement into enterprise DNA.  After encouraging readers to consider what is really critical to the quality of the services or products produced by their organisation, improvement techniques such as the Sand cone approach and Plan, Do, Check, Act cycles are explained. The focus then moves to implementing ideas with a description of Force Field Analysis and Importance / Performance analysis. The aim is to provide Leaders and Managers with a toolbox of techniques they can use in their effort to secure marginal gains.

I encourage you to explicitly state the value you attach to “marginal gains” so that continuous improvement becomes a real part of your enterprise DNA.  The next step is then to personally sponsor continuous improvement initiatives. Strattomics – Continuous Improvement can be your guide.  The book is now available from the iBook Store.



Strattomics CI iBook Cover

Strattomics: Climbing to your next business Peak  without attending Business School – Continuous Improvement

is now available from the Apple iBook Store.
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