Capturing more opportunities & greater discretionary effort.

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Do your people need broader skills to capture more opportunities? Are your people contributing the discretionary effort you need?
“Cloud Business engaged Huw Morris to deliver his Manage My Team Better programme. The internet delivered sessions included perspectives on how people and teams work, very useful techniques and practical management tips based on his varied management experience. These have helped me work more effectively individually and with my colleagues and has enabled me to raise the overall productivity of my teams by at least 3%.” 

Matthew Garrett   Technical Director

In recent months there has been an increasing torrent of comments about enterprises lacking the skills needed to be agile and staff engagement falling. For example:

“We are concerned when we see that many executives around the world don’t have confidence in their organisation’s skills to achieve strategic goals and that most of them are not planning to address it. Doing business today is fundamentally different from just a year ago, and you have to have the right talent within the organisation to meet your goals.” “Creating leaders must happen on an international scale to connect disparate workforces as well as at a deeper level within the organisation to engage more people.” “Virtual leadership development has the unrivalled benefits to meet these demands. It accelerates a business strategy that is essential to not only adapt to today’s market conditions, but also to take advantage of them and stay ahead. Those who don’t get on board will be left behind.”  Ray Carvey, Executive vice-president of corporate learning and international at Harvard Business Publishing.

I have developed two offerings to build skills to give your enterprise more agility to exploit market changes and improve staff engagement so you benefit from more discretionary effort and less unmanaged attrition of staff. During my time as a COO my concerns about training included the impact of people being away from theirs desks and the application of the skills learned to the individual’s role after the course – in addition to the cost – so both courses are delivered at the workplace.

Managing Your Team Better


Specifically designed for managers / supervisors who have been promoted on the basis of technical skills. The programme is designed for delivery over the Internet and includes a mix of presentation content with a “live” dialogue and action learning tasks to be completed by participants in their organisations between sessions:
  • Personal Effectiveness: Motivation, Effective Habits, Managing Expectations & Workspace Organisation,
  • Managing Individuals: Empathy, Understanding Individual Needs, Energising individuals,
  • Managing Teams: Climate to succeed, Expectations, Delivering Tasks, Goal Setting, Evaluation,
  • Next Steps for personal development as a Manager.
For a Manager earning £35,000, a 1% improvement in effectiveness (doing the right things in the right way) will more than offset the cost of this course. Internet delivery means individuals are away from their tasks for only three two hour periods and the action learning tasks consolidate learning by applying the techniques, tools etc. to their own work. Please see for further information (including a Video Summary) and booking arrangements.

“Next Generation Leaders”


Our programme accelerates the development of your most talented people and helps them to stimulate development for your enterprise as well as for themselves – through Action Learning projects to develop capabilities that close the gap between the Enterprise’s current and aspired level of performance. This improves your capabilities and agility faster then either adhoc learning or conventional training courses. 
Tom Peters Books

Tom Peters Books


We use the Tom Peters Company’s Excellence AuditTM to paint a broad picture of how your key people perceive current enterprise performance & the performance needed in 2 to 3 years time.This “Audit” incorporates insights Tom Peters and his Company have developed over 30 years – the foundation is a belief that excellent organisations need both good systems and passion – from key staff with sustained, full-hearted engagement – in a climate that encourages innovation. 
Working with your next generation leaders, proposals for actions to develop the capabilities needed to close the aspirations gaps identified in the Audit are developed. Teams are then coached to deliver the project as an “actioning learning” initiative that develops organisational capabilities, individual leadership competence and improved networks amongst your people.
Contact Huw Morris (01483 604873 (office) 07799 060095 (mobile) to explore options for implementing a programme to accelerate the development of your people.   I would be delighted talk to you – either on the telephone or face-to-face meeting – and establish how I can help you develop your staff so that they have the capacity and capability to contribute more to the agility of your enterprise.