How do your Corporate Values and your People influence your Strategic Direction?



How much consideration do you give to corporate values as a leadership team?

  • Develops its ambition for your Enterprise? 
  • Sets corporate direction and incentivises the performance necessary? 




The recent Employee Outlook report produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that 40% of employees believe “corporate values aren’t worth the paper they’re written on”. Incentives were perceived as lacking with only a third of respondents believing that there were any sanctions placed on individuals who consistent contravened organizational values. I am left questioning whether:

  1.  The values are not consistent with the strategic needs of the enterprise OR
  2. The linkages between enterprise vision, values, Strategic themes and goals are broken? 

In a speech this week, Peter Cheese the new CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development emphasised the importance of “Issues such as rebuilding purpose and aligning to values that create the right sort of organisational culture – not only to engage with employees, but also to engage with the communities and societies we work in and impact more positively.” More over that he believed that “Rebuilding trust in leadership is a vital part of this process, and has been significantly damaged through one crisis after another.”

Efficienarta would be delighted to help you to revisit your values in the context of your Enterprise Vision and your Strategic Themes i.e. the main, high-level business strategies that form the basis of the organisations business mode. Our approach puts people at the centre of developing a context that optimises both the experience your clients receive and the contribution your people make, today, next year and into the future.


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