Incentivising better Corporate Governance


September 17, 2012

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Two Monday Questions …

  1. When companies strive to improve and indeed in some cases transition from being good to being great do they give Corporate Governance sufficient focus?  
  2. How can we equip Directors better so that there are few occasions for shareholders to ask “how could you let this happen?

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the launch of the European Governance Awards . The award programme itself should be a great initiative to incentivise companies to continuously improve their governance – rather than becoming stuck on plateaux, and the EIGA Governance Model used gives a foundation for actions to improve overall governance standards – as well helping understand what Governance is.  Hopefully in future there will be less of the sense that Corporate Governance is like an elephant – very hard to describe but you always knew when you have it!

Moreover, Directors have another toolkit to help them improve their stewardship so that when it is time for them to move on they leave behind a better organisation that the one they inherited.



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