Next Generation Leaders

How confident are you that your Enterprise has the capabilities to exploit quickly market shifts or to serve new customers? Do you “grow” future leaders for your Enterprise that are equipped to be successful in our ever more agile business environment? Do leaders emerge naturally as you need them or do you “buy-in” top Leadership when vacancies in the C suite occur?


We believe that the development of talent within enterprises can be accelerated & engagement improved – while helping organisations grow the capabilities needed to excel in our increasingly competitive, agile business world.


A Towers Watson Workforce Study[1] highlighted that many “Companies are running 21st Century businesses with 20thcentury work-place practices & programs” & that “Retaining employees has more to do with the quality of the work experience overall.“ An appropriately scoped programme to develop your next generation of Leaders can help your Enterprise improve the capacity to grow, the retention of top performers & the quality of the overall work experience for all your people.

Our “Co-Evolutionary[2] Leadership Development programme accelerates the development of your most talented people and helps them to stimulate development for your enterprise as well as for themselves – through Action Learning projects to develop capabilities that close the gap between the Enterprise’s current and aspired level of performance. We use the Tom Peters Company’s Excellence AuditTM to paint a broad picture of how your key people perceive current enterprise performance & the performance needed in 2 to 3 years time. The foundation is a belief that excellent organisations need both good systems and passion – from key staff with sustained, full-hearted engagement – in a climate that encourages innovation. The Excellence AuditTM incorporates the experience and insights into excellent enterprises that Tom Peters and his Company have developed over 30 years (since the original McKinsey Research and the In Search of Excellence book was written with Rob Waterman in the 1980s).  This provides a template for future organisational excellence and a basis for Leaders to help articulate their vision – centred on Talent i.e. the people in your enterprise delivering the best work they can. We identify “aspiration gaps” on these three ‘axis” and for the Enterprise’s Brand, Architecture and Talent.  After reviewing the results with you or your designee we develop – with your next generation leaders – proposals for actions to develop the capabilities needed to close the aspirations gaps.


We believe that this approach helps enterprises both recognise & exploit the opportunities that are appearing faster and faster. In the words of John Kotter [3] of Harvard Business School “Leadership is about vision, about people buying in, about empowerment and, most of all, about producing useful change …… in an ever faster-moving world, leadership is increasingly needed from more and more people, no matter where they are in a hierarchy.”


Next Steps


Consider whether your Enterprise would benefit from accelerating the development of future Leaders and whether you have an appetite for an Excellence AuditTM.  If you do, we would be delighted to explore options for implementing a programme effectively and efficiency in a way that optimises the use of your time. Please contact to arrange either a telephone or face-to-face meeting.


[2] In a recent Chartered Institute of Development paper David Clutterbuck identified 3 approaches to organisational succession.  “Emergent” employee whose energies and ambitions are channelled into the development of “deep capabilities”. “Co-evolutionary” – where talented people adjust their ambitions and develop new skills in line with their observations of opportunities and stimulate change for the business as well as themselves. “Self-organising” – where high performers find their own ways to respond to opportunities.



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