Offerings for Entrepreneurs


Do you spend more time than you can afford on the internal aspects of your enterprise? Would your business and your personal life benefit from improved internal operations and supporting documentation for proposals?

Efficienarta works with Entrepreneurs to improve the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Consistency of their Corporate Governance by:

  • Helping focus their time “on the business” rather than “in the business”. We implement capabilities that raise internal efficiency & effectiveness AND owner confidence so that they can devote a higher proportion of their time to building the business while being conscious not to undermine AGILITY
  • Building capabilities that will contribute to raising enterprise value,
  • Developing the effectiveness of the people who work “in your business”
  • Addressing requirements in sales qualifications for documented processes/plans.


Our projects have included:

  • Corporate Governance Risk Assessment
  • Job Aids to allow internal business administration activities to be delivered consistently by inexperienced staff
  • Action plans to improve agility and address specific capability issues
  • Business Continuity plans