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December 2, 2014

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External uncertainties such as Geo-political events (e.g. the recently imposed sanctions on Russia and the potential removal of sanctions from Iran), environmental factors (e.g. a greater incidence of extreme weather events)[1], the impact of digital and other technology and the expectations society has for businesses, combine to create a context where enterprises with agility can be expected to grow revenues from existing products and services faster, and for longer, and have a higher probability of successfully introducing new products and services.

Research[1] has shown that enterprises with higher levels of agility can adapt more quickly and flourish. My personal management experience has led me to a perspective that engaged people, asking the right questions, equipped with relevant data, in an organisational environment that expects collaboration amongst stakeholders, have a higher probability of repeatedly making decisions that grow an enterprise – through both continuous improvement and new products and services.

The following video blog outlines an approach to assessing the “As Is” facing organisations as a prelude to making informed decisions to optimise future growth.

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[1] For example Sull, D., “Competing through organizational agility”, McKinsey Quarterly, 2010 Issue





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