Re-energising Business Improvement

Employers are looking for ways to accelerate their business strategy with fewer people

Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO Manpower.



Our experience in both line management and consulting roles has convinced us of the value of partnering with enterprises to improve Continuous improvement processes, Management of major changes and the Development of Next Generation Leaders.

We differentiate the approach to evolutionary and major changes in order to promote the development of relevant skills to what are often different groups of staff.

  • Promoting Continuous Improvement. A workshop for junior managers & team leaders focused on continuously improving the experiences clients (internal as well as external) have of your products and services. The content includes Business Process Management, introductions to Six Sigma and other improvement approaches & practical exercises to help participants prepare to implement improvements in their departments – with our coaching and project management assistance. The emphasis is on using techniques in ways that focus on customer requirements and promote agility rather than become a potential drag on innovation.


  • Managing Major Changes. A workshop that is targeted at Managers, aims to build participants understanding of the challenges involved in managing change effectively. We use the John Kotter 8-Step Change Process to provide attendees with a proven framework and work through a change initiative with a mix of theoretical perspectives and practical exercises. After the workshop attendees should be more sensitised to the drivers of agility – for example anticipating the need for change by continuously sensing changes in their Market (external or internal – in addition to being better equipped to respond effectively. In particular, they will have a framework for establishing the actions needed in their departments etc. to institutionalise changes to enable services / products to be provided – efficiently, effectively and consistently.


  • Our Next Generation Leaders offering is a Leadership Development programme that accelerates the development of your most talented people and helps them to stimulate development for your enterprise as well as for themselves – through Action Learning projects to develop capabilities that close the gap between the Enterprise’s current and aspired level of performance.


Please Contact us for further details of these offerings.

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