Talent Considerations

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The premium placed on tight management of discretionary expenditure during our prolonged period of tough economic conditions has made investment in staff a courageous decision in many enterprises – be it the cost of recruiting new staff the development of existing staff or indeed succession planning.



As your Board considers strategic options for the Enterprise, is adequate attention given to identifying the capability gaps and then putting in place plans and measures to close these gaps?   Research such as Accenture’s  “Turning the Tide – How Europe Can Rebuild Skills and Generate Growth” for the 2012 European Business Summit suggest that even with high numbers seeking work, enterprises benefiting from future economic growth will need to engage again in a “The War for Talent”.

Are such matters included when risks are discussed as part of Corporate Governance actions? Efficienarta can help you develop business cases for capability development and implement processes and measures to keep the Board and Top Leaders informed of progress.


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