The Voices of your Employees



The latest “Voice and Value” event at the London School of Economics highlighted the research that Employee Voice as a key driver of employee engagement and performance and that this is being reflected by the topic moving up the leadership agenda. To reinforce the former, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) flagged the MacLeod report that has employee voice as one of the four key drivers of employee engagement (





The increasing adoption of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Linged-In has created new avenues for enterprises to engage with their employees (as well as other stakeholders.  At the “Voice and Value” event CapGemini pointed out the breadth of channels they employ to generate dialogue and ensure that they are listening to employees – including intranet, Cascade, Yammer and blogs through team rooms and webinars (involving Union and Non-Union audiences).

Do your Corporate Governance efforts include collecting employees’ perceptions? Recent CIPD research has found that for leaders to be trusted they need to demonstrate ability, benevolence, integrity and predictability. What are you doing as a Leader to build and retain trust?



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